Planning for Boston with a toddler

What’s a travel blog without travel?   Our trip to NY is coming up soon.  We’ll fly direct from SFO to Boston, rent a car, and then drive to Albany.   Both of us have wanted to check out Boston for a while, so we decided to tack that on the end of the trip!  I’m a history nerd, so the Freedom Trail is a must!  There’s a map online at their site:

(photo courtesy of:

Based on the map, it looks like the best place to stay is in the city center.  When traveling with a child, this is a must.  How many times have we forgotten extra diapers, her bib, her sippy-cup, etc… there’s no way we want to walk miles back.  (Let’s face it though, my lazy butt would find a CVS and buy it new – but then I’m carting a bag of diapers around the freedom trail.  So much for Freedom!).

Prices are over the top for city center hotels in Boston.  ugh!  We’re a member of Fairmont’s President Club (, which is awesome, but their hotel isn’t city center, and it’s about $400/night non-refundable.  Another traveling with child thing – don’t do non-refundable.  But wait.  Should we??

As I’m looking for hotels, a friend puts a post on Facebook, ” Now this is a killer place to stay! Thank you! – at Omni Parker House Hotel.”   Sweet.  Right in the middle of Boston, good reviews, and it’s on Hotwire.

Now let’s take the guessing (aka Risk) out of  Go to and you’ll find that people post the hotels and their amenities list and title from – so you know what hotel you’re booking! We’ve used this in the past, and it’s worked great.

Let’s do it!

One thought on “Planning for Boston with a toddler

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