Oops – late on the hotel choice

Early bird gets the hotel room on hotwire.com.   Late bird gets the Fairmont.

What can I say?  I did the whole betterbidding.com thing, found the Omni Park Hotel on hotwire for $183, and didn’t book it.  Went back two days later and not only was the hotel not listed on hotwire, but it was sold out on all other sites!

Time to re-start my search.  A big part of why the Omni was such an ideal option was its location in the center of downtown Boston.  We want to take the Freedom Trail Tour, and don’t want to be far away from the hotel in case the little one loses it.

The Taj has a decent location, but it was $250 a night!  At that price I might as well look at the Fairmont.  I mentioned before, I’m a member of the Fairmont President’s Club.   And look what just arrived in the mail. (Do they scan my computer?!)

Again, not cheap.  But they did have it listed on Expedia for $292 per night.  It wasn’t clear if that’s cancelable or not.  That’s a steep rate for something non-cancelable.  So I called the president’s club line.  An actual person answers the phone! Yes!  And Canadian, so quite nice and easy to work with.  She let me know that the rate was non-cancelable.  Ugh.  That’s really too much money to lose if Francesca is sick or something changes.

I asked her to check the AAA rate, and turns out it’s $306/night, but you get a $50 voucher towards food at the hotel.  Nice!  That means breakfast.

Have you seen the door-hanging breakfast cards at the fairmont?  I love them!