About Christina

Hello all! A little about me…

I’m currently a stay at home mother of a two year old girl.  I finished law school the week she was born, so have had her as my full time job ever since.  I married to a wonderful Dutch guy.   We live in wine county, California.  Life is good here.   I work part time at a tech company just to save for vacation.  I literally work for vacation.

Maybe I need to get creative, or come up with a plan and just do it, but what I really want out of life is to have a lovely home base where I can spend time with family and friends for much of the year, and be able to travel the rest.   Ahhhhhh… my dream.  And I am NOT patient enough to wait for retirement to live my dream.  Sometimes I think maybe I’m some spoiled brat who just wants it all.  But then I think – why shouldn’t I ask for the most out of life?!

In the first year of her life, we took our daughter on a grand total of 17 flights, spanning over two continents, and out to Hawaii (3 times)!   Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot about how to get around with a child.  Whether it be cobble-stone streets, French Taxis, or sinking boats, we’ve survived and had an adventure.

That’s the main purpose for the blog – help people be a little less stressed when traveling with kids.  I may rant and ramble along the way, and hopefully people are educated and entertained… 🙂

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