We are booked!


Frank has a business trip to Athens, Greece – which we’ve been talking about turning into a Europe trip. Normally I spend weeks going through options, checking multi-destination flights and ticket prices. Out of the blue, Frank tells me he found tickets to Paris on air miles – super low air miles. And he booked them! It was like winning a trip on a game-show. I’ve never had someone book a trip for me! Wow! This must be how Oprah does it! ūüėČ


Wanderlust. ¬†Is that one word? ¬†Spell check (my dear old friend) hasn’t drawn its jagged red line, so I guess it is one word.

Wanderlust. ¬†Why me? That deserves an exclamation point too. ¬†Why me?! ¬†I have the life. ¬†All the comforts of a very nice life; caring husband, healthy happy child, family and friends, nice home in wine country, vacations, etc… ¬†Looking at this list, there’s something interesting -would most people list more “things?” ¬†I have mentioned my home I guess.

I even have a job now. ¬†When I started this blog I didn’t have one – that’s when the writing stopped. ¬†It took some time to get adjusted to the new way of life. ¬† Even my job is nice. ¬†Three flexible days a week at a tech company. The people are wonderful to work with and the environment is fantastic. ¬†There’s “beer on deck” on Fridays, where we all hang out. ¬†We had a “real” Christmas party this year. ¬†No one has an office, not even the CEO -he has an open work space like the rest of us. ¬†Mixed drinks on Thursdays. ¬† Home-made waffles. ¬†I could go on. ¬†You get the point.

All of this and I still want to leave. ¬†I come home from a trip (the latest was the Big Island), and I’m ok for a week or two. ¬†Then the ache starts. ¬†I long to go somewhere. ¬†I start checking Expedia for flights. ¬† That’s when my dear sweet husband tells me we just got home and can’t afford the time or money to go on another one now. ¬†I secretly mope and tell him “I know… I just like to look.” ¬†Which is true. ¬†I don’t mention the ache – the desire I have to explore.

I want to explore.  No.  I need to explore.  But why?

Is it because my job isn’t mentally rewarding enough? ¬†During law school I had wanderlust, but not as bad. ¬†It’s something to ponder. ¬†I’ll think about it and write more. ¬†I’d love to hear what other people experience…